Amazon does not report sales decline after the Brexit vote


Amazon  hasn’t faced a decline in sales after the British voted for their country to leave the European Union. That was revealed by the new head of the company’s business in the UK on Wednesday after announcing that this year the company will open another 1,000 jobs in the country, reported Reuters.

The company will open 1,000 new job positions in the UK this year

“Our sales are in line with expectations,” the UK manager Doug Gurr told reporters.

Gurr, who became head of Amazon for the country in May after working in China, said it was too early to say what will be the impact of the decision Britain to leave the EU.

“There’s a lot of details to be worked out … We don’t know exactly what the regulatory environment will be, we don’t know exactly what the terms of the new separation will be,” he said.

A study published last week shows that the confidence of British consumers has dropped sharply in the days after the referendum, and on Tuesday the retail company John Lewis stated that last week its sales rose less.

On Tuesday, the head of Sainsbury’s, the second largest supermarket chain in Britain, said the country is in danger of falling into a new recession.

Gurr, however, said that the plans of Amazon for the UK have not changed after the Brexit vote.

“We’re continuing with the plans, we haven’t suddenly invented new plans,” he said.

On Wednesday, Amazon revealed that another 1000 jobs will be opened in the UK this year. They are an addition to the 2,500 already announced in January. The company plans to expand its main office, research and development centers, customer service center, Amazon Web Services, and the studio for fashion photography.

With the new jobs, which will be full-time, employees of Amazon in the country will be over 15,500 by the end of this year.

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