Blackberry Will Make One More Phone

BlackBerry is set for one final hurrah in the smartphone market after the company revealed it is planning a new device.

John Chen, the Canadian company’s CEO, confirmed that BlackBerry still has one more trick up its sleeve, with a new smartphone set to be released soon.

“We have one keyboard phone I promised people,”

-Chen told Emily Chang of Bloomberg TV. “It’s coming.” While the company stated earlier this year that it would no longer design or manufacture its own smartphones, it appears that this latest keyboard-adorned device could be the last BlackBerry built in-house.

At present, very little is known about what the keyboard phone will look like. It might adopt the Priv’s design and be a sliding phone, or it could hearken all the way back to the original Blackberry and feature a more standard 1:1 square. It doesn’t seem Chen is interested in dropping hints anytime soon.

John Chen also confirmed that his company is already in talks with two companies for the launch of BlackBerry smartphones, but he did not want to say their names. However, according to him, these companies come from China and India, and for the time being, they come neck to neck.

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