Iran place purchase order for 114 airplanes Airbus

Airbus airplane

Airbus airplaneIran will place an order for purchase of 114 airplanes Airbus during the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in France, which is schedulled for January 27. The Iranian Minister of Transportation and Housing Abbas Ahmad Akhondi already had agreement with the French airplanes builder about the purchase order. The further financial details are not disclosed, as well as the exact models of the aircrafts. The Middle East country is in urgent need of 400 long-range airplanes and 100 short-range airplanes for modernization of its passengers and cargo fleet, as currently there are 256 civic airliners, most of which with average age of over 20 years.

“We need urgently civil air fleet modernization, as currently our country’s airplanes are about 20 years old. We will need of 400 long-range airliners and 100 short-range airplanes from new generations, which will replace our current jets”, said the Minister of Transportation and Housing, Abbas Ahmad Akhondi.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is on official visit in Italy and France during the beginning of next week. This is his first official visit to Europe after the entry into force of the nuclear agreement with Iran and the lifting of international sanctions. The lifting of sanctions allows Iran to renew their old air fleet of passenger airplanes.

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