Lamborghini expects its new SUV model to double the sales of the company


The manufacturer of luxury cars “Lamborghini” sees a bright future ahead of itself.

The head of the company Stefano Domenicali announced that the company expects to double its sales by 2019.

Currently, the Italians sell 3,500 cars a year after three years expect sales to soar to 7,000 per year, reported “Reuters”.

The key to the goal will be the first mass SUV model of the brand, which is expected to hit the market in 2018. Its price will be about 200 thousand dollars.

Domenicali says they will do everything in their power to sell 3500 or more units of the new model. According to him, it will “change the game”.

For this to happen, “Lamborghini” increase its dealer network worldwide from the current 132 stores to 160. 30% of them are at The biggest market – the US.

The company sold a record 3,245 cars in 2015, including 1,000 in the US alone. “We will not, clearly, give up on our DNA, which is to produce super sports cars,” said Domenicali.

To achieve its objectives, “Lamborghini” will recruit 500 more employees.

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