YouTube sets sights beyond the video

The largest worldwide video-sharing website YouTube sets sights beyond the video in an attempt to keep the stars who create content on the site and their fans, so they do not choose competing platforms, writes…


BuzzFeed divides its business into two

BuzzFeed online media will divide its business into two new divisions that will focus on news and entertainment, announced CEO Jonah Peretti in a letter to employees, cited by Reuters. The creation of the two…


Cisco will lay off 14,000 employees?

Cisco Systems will lay off  about 14 thousand employees, representing nearly 20% of the global workforce of the manufacturer of network equipment, reveal sources close to the company cited by the site CRN and Reuters….


Google Fiber at a dead end

The parent company of Google – Alphabet, is rethinking the strategy of their businesses with high-speed Internet after its initial release was more expensive and taking more effort than expected. All this greatly contrasts with the…