PayPal can become Google’s next key client


Google is close to winning PayPal Holdings for a customer of its cloud business, writes CNBC.

The online payment company assesses other providers of such services as well and have not yet taken a final decision, say sources familiar with the matter.

Overall PayPal might not make the transition in the fourth quarter because it is the busiest period for online trading.

PayPal is already working with Amazon Web Services. Google on its part is trying to strengthen its presence as a player offering cloud services – a market dominated by Amazon and Microsoft.

Google won Home Depot for a client in March this year, which highlighted the momentum that cloud business of the online company gained under the direction of Diane Greene, co-founder of VMWare. Green joined the Google team last year.

Overall Google is the fourth-largest player in the market of cloud services for last year, with a 4% market share, according to Synergy Research.

Amazon Web Services had a 31% market share and Microsoft’s Azure – 9%. IBM on its turn managed to gain a 7% share.

Google, PayPal, and Amazon did not respond immediately to the request for comment. Microsoft has refused to comment on the matter.

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