The number of unemployed youths will reach 71 million people by 2017


Youth unemployment is growing again warned the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

After years of falling, unemployment among people aged 15 to 25 years will rise to 13.1 percent this year and next, compared to 12.9 percent in 2015, reported DPA.

The number of unemployed young people will grow by 500 thousand to 71 million people added the ILO.

The unfavorable trend is due to recessions in emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia who suffer from lower commodity prices.

Exactly in emerging market economies is expected the strongest increase in youth unemployment – from 13.3% last year to 13.7% in 2017.

The unemployment data do not represent the whole truth about the scale of the challenges on the labor market for young people because many of them work but do not get enough to get out of poverty, noted experts of the ILO.

Youth poverty declined for decades, but at a slower pace than in adults, and this led to an increase in cases of unjustified young workers in the world.

According to data from ILO, 1% increase in poverty among young people in developing countries leads to an increase of 0.5% of young people who want to emigrate in search of a better future.

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