Uber suspended its operations in Abu Dhabi


The platform carpool Uber said it would cease its activities in the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Abu Dhabi. Local rival company Careem, also temporarily stopped to perform services after part of its cars were immobilized by the authorities, reports BBC.

By Uber, which operates in the emirate from 2013, have not yet come out with an explanation on the matter, but indicated in their message that their decision is also temporary.

According to the local newspaper The National about 50 drivers of the two companies were arrested only during the weekend. According to the publication industry representatives still, do not know the reason for the arrest of their employees.

In its statement, Uber says: “This is a temporary suspension and we will let you know of any further updates.”

The activity of the American company, as well as of the rival Careem, in Dubai was not hindered and they continue to operate normally there.

For Uber, the Middle East is one of the important markets, as earlier this year the startup managed to attract large-scale investments from 3.5 billion dollars from the fund of Saudi Arabia.


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