Deutsche Bank redeem bonds

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche BankThe largest German bank Deutsche Bank intends to reassure markets through redemption of bonds. The bank announced a proposal directed to certain debentures. In terms of Euro-bonds the planned volume is 3 billion EUR, while for Dollar-bonds volume is 2 billion USD. For this purpose, Deutsche Bank set aside total 4.76 billion EUR. According to the official statement from Deutsche Bank, the strong liquidity allows purchase of securities without affecting the plan for the issuance of 2016.

“The Bank uses market conditions, to redeem these bonds at attractive prices and thus to reduce its debt”, said the CFO of Deutsche Bank, Marcus Schenck. “Buying these bonds at prices below their issue price will bring profit to the bank. In addition, we will save future interest payments on those securities”, added he.

Meanwhile, the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble spoke positively about the decision of Deutsche Bank for redemption of bonds and described it as strong.

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