Flipkart laying off about 2% of its employees


Indian e-commerce website Flipkart is shrinking its workforce by about 2%, wrote Quartz.

The company announced that it would release about 600 people for “under-performing”. Part of the media following the topic claims that the number of redundancies could reach 1,000.

“This is a fairly common practice across various industries, especially in high-performing internet organisations,” said from Flipkart.

The news comes just days after Flipkart acquired the startup for online trading with clothes Jabong for 70 million dollars.

The last few years Flipkart is facing huge competition from the US company Amazon. The US corporation, led by Jeff Bezos, is investing aggressively in India and following closely Flipkart, as its objective is to become the biggest player in the market of e-commerce in the country.

Given what is the investment environment in India, it is not surprising that several Indian Internet companies were forced to reduce their workforce last year.

However, Flipkart insists that its news is not related to layoffs but are part of the normal process of evaluating employee performance. “We work closely with employees to enable them to improve their performance,” said the spokesman of the company, adding that if employees can’t reach the desired progress, they are asked to “seek opportunities outside the company”.

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