Global sales of electric vehicles jumped by 50%


In the first half of the year worldwide were purchased 312,000 new electrified cars (100% electric BEV and Plugin hybrids PHEV), according to data from

This is an increase of 49% compared to the first half of 2015.

By the specialized edition indicate that the main contribution to the impressive increase in demand for this type of car is China. In the Asian giant is registered a growth of 140% in the second quarter and 127% at the end of the first six months of the year. For comparison may be stated that the improvement in sales in Japan, Europe and the United States in late June was 28%, 21% and 18%.

According to sales data, the ratio of 100% electric cars and plug-in hybrids globally is 60/40 but varies by region. In China, the distribution is two electric vehicles on each purchased hybrid, while in Europe and the US, the realization is on one level.

The best-selling electrified (100% electric) model in the first half of the year on a global scale is the Nissan Leaf. Despite the decrease of 6% in demand in the second quarter, this model achieved a growth of 12% in the first half, as total sales of the car are at a level of 27,765 units.

In second place ranks Tesla Model S with 22 556 machines, while the third is the hybrid BYD Tang PHEV with 19 134 units.

Based on the rapid introduction of new Chinese electrified models it’s predicted that total global sales for the calendar year 2016 will be at about 850,000 units, which in turn would represent an increase of 57% compared to 2015.



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