Google accused for multi-billion dollar license compensation by Oracle


AndroidUS technology corporation Google has received revenues of 42 billion USD and a profit of 21 billion USD from the activation of over 3 billion Android smartphones, according to documents of Oracle Corp. Analysis of strictly confidential financial information is revealed by Oracle’s lawyer, as part of the legal dispute accuses Google of using its Java software in developing of Android without paying license. According to Oracle each activation device is based on the use of the Java programming language without a license.

Google stated that the attorney based his statement on information derived from confidential internal financial documents. Founded by Larry Ellison, Oracle insists on compensation in the amount of 9.3 billion USD.

Besides the largest legal dispute in US history, a possible victory for Oracle could change the way you protect and license software. The jury of eight women and two men will decide whether Google violated the copyrights of Oracle’s code Java, in developing Android. Among the witnesses were summoned Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alphabet Inc, Eric Schmidt, and the jury can hear the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison.

This is the second time that this case reaches court. In 2012, a previous jury ruled that Google violated the copyrights of Oracle, but did not make a decision on whether the use of Java is justified under the doctrine of fair use. The US Supreme Court refused last year to intervene in the case, leaving everything in the hands of the Federal Court of Appeal. According to him, in the Java language it comes to copyright, thus the stage was prepared for a new trial.

Oracle claims that Google violated the copyrights covering 37 based interfaces in Java, or API – critical combinations that allow developers to write programs for software platforms.

Although Sun Microsystems developed Java with “open source”, before Oracle to acquire Sun in 2010, occupying the code and modification of compulsory license is needed.

Counsel for Google’s Robert Van Nest argued in turn that Java is “open and free for anyone who wants to use it”. He distinguishes between “tags” or titles API, and their “codes of performance” that perform the tasks programmers. He explained how the use of API-th Google’s transformed into something new code, which he said is fair use under the law because it is not just copying.

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