Pfizer preparing a new mega deal in the pharmaceutical market


After in the spring, the acquisition of the Irish manufacturer Allergan by Pfizer failed , the American corporation is now preparing a new mega deal in the pharmaceutical market.

This time, the appetite of the company is focused on the brand Medivation, known for its cancer drugs. According tо what is known, by Pfizer are willing to give $14 billion to buy it.

Insiders say that the deal could be announced early this week. The pharmaceutical giant offered $80 per share to Medivation.

In April, French Sanofri made an offer to acquire the manufacturer. Its proposed price, however, was far below that of Pfizer – 52.50 dollars per share.

Medivation was founded in 2004 and over the last six months the value of its securities has doubled because of the negotiations for the acquisition, writes BBC.

In April, Pfizer’s agreement to purchase Allergan to 160 billion dollars failed because of concerns that with the purchase of the company the American manufacturer will try to avoid paying taxes in the United States.

Pfizer’s aim was after acquiring Allergan to move its headquarters to Ireland, where it would pay a much lower corporation tax than that in the US, which rate amounts to 35%.

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