Pokemon GO brought double appreciation of Nintendo’s shares


Nintendo’s new mobile game has become a real furor on the Internet. It is a free game for mobile devices that enables players to capture and train virtual characters that appear when viewed through the screen among real objects around people. It uses the GPS and camera of compatible devices.

For a week the hit Pokemon GO brought more than just success for the Japanese corporation Nintendo, which released the digital game. Its shares rose more than 50 percent in recent days. 

Just during today’s early trading in Asia, their value increased by 16 %, so since the end of last week the increase reached 56 percent, writes BBC.

The mobile game allowing players to catch characters from the eponymous cartoon has become a global phenomenon after its launch last Friday.

According to  VentureBeat, Pokemon GO topped the charts for most downloaded apps for iOS and Android. It is claimed that it brings over 1.6 million dollars per day just from the iTunes store. The game is about to surpass Twitter in the number of active users per day. A user plays it an average of 43 minutes a day. It is more than time spent on WhatsApp or Instagram.

Only on Monday, the securities on Nintendo jumped 25%. For the success of Japanese corporation, however, contributions have the American developer Niantic and the Pokémon Company, which together have worked on creating the product.

Currently, the game is only available to users in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.


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