Volkswagen suspends almost all sales in South Korea


The German automotive concern Volkswagen will stop selling affected by the scandal with manipulated emission models in South Korea, thus suspending almost all its sales activities in the country. In a letter to local dealers, subsidiary Audi Volkswagen Korea Co wrote that imports of 79 models will be suspended on Monday. reported DPA.

The measure, which according to Audi Volkswagen Korea Co will be within three months, once a serious blow to the concern from Wolfsburg. Many of its models are among the most imported cars in Korea.

“This decision doesn’t mean that Volkswagen is pulling out of Korea, which is a very important market to us. We’ll reapply for certification of our cars if the government revokes it. The process may take several months,” said a representative of Volkswagen Korea. 

Ministry of Environment in Seoul plans to revoke the licenses of 79 models, including Golf, Jetta, Tiguan, Audi A3 and Audi A6, became clear earlier. Investigators have concluded that documentation on emissions and noise of the cars had been counterfeit. On Monday the ministry plans to organize a public hearing before making a final decision during the week. Revocation of licenses could lead to fines, the return of about 79 000 cars and a ban on the sale of so far unsold cars.

Last week, prosecutors from Seoul accused the 52-year-old manager of VW’s local branch of providing documents with manipulated content which constitutes a violation of the laws on air quality.


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